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Affordable Laptops

If you’re looking for a quality laptop to get some office tasks accomplished, you may want to consider the HP 620. It is a very affordable laptop, with a lot of nice business and office features. It Toshiba Satellite L875D-S7343 17.3-Inch Laptophas a 15.6 inch monitor so it is easy to see your spreadsheets and data work, and is supposed to last around 4 hours on battery life. It’s good for work, and costs less than $400. However, it’s not the best gaming laptop. If you’re looking for something newer, with lots of horsepower, then you should consider the gaming laptops under $1000 option. These are all the newest laptops with plenty of graphics and processing power to allow you to play the newest and best games. They are priced under $1000 to be affordable. There are systems that play games with better graphics, but they may also cost twice the price. For the money, these systems will meet your needs, and save your budget for games or other media. Any way you choose, business or gaming, there are some great laptop options.

Video Capture Cards

If you are looking for a great video capture card to help you grab some of those memories from Dazzle Video Creator Plus HDyour VHS tape, camcorder, or other digital device, you should consider the Dazzle Capture Card. This capture card is an industry standard when it comes to consumer electronics. It connects to your computer using a USB 2.0 connection, and has a connection dongle that allow you to connect your cameras or VHS using the cables provided. If you’re interested in capturing using USB, then you’ll want to make sure you have a good USB 2.0 video capture controller card. It also comes with software that you install on your computer, and once up and running, allows you to capture, edit, encode, and burn your videos onto DVD or another format. There are lots of good capture cards on the market, but some of them don’t come with software, or the software is very cheap to make the capture care affordable, and as a result they don’t work well. Others work exceptionally well, but may cost too much for the average consumer. The Dazzle has a great combination of performance and price that can’t be beat.