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The Next Big Thing GS4

Samsung’s next big thing is the Galaxy S4 smartphone. This phone is amazingly fast, and has beaten the competition in benchmark scores that you can see here. The phone also offers some new technology that we haven’t seen before in a smartphone, such as an IR emitter that you can samsung-s-view-coverprogram and then use to operate your TV, satellite or cable box, or anything else that takes an IR signal. Plus, Samsung is taking out all the stops with this new phone by including apps for exercise like the arm band, calorie tracking, and other accessories. One of the new features is also a smart case, called the S View Case, and it’s made especially by Samsung for the Galaxy S4. The phone is smart, and will display information through the little screen of the case, so you don’t have to get your phone out to see texts, etc. It is one of the best Galaxy S4 cases on the market. You can read full reviews of the cases now, as well as get your hands on the phone in just a few short weeks as it releases in April!

Qwerty Smartphone

Samsung released its s3350 phone, which is a great smartphone that uses a fS3350ull QWERTY keyboard. This is a phone with a very slim profile, and it is easy to store in your pocket, purse, or other location without taking up a lot of room. It is easy to type quickly for texting or emailing due to the full keyboard, with buttons that are more responsive than the touch screen phones.

It is made by Samsung, who has vaulted into the spotlight recently with their new phones, and it uses the Android OS to give people access to Facebook, Twitter, Android apps, and internet surfing. It also costs a lot less than the more expensive phones like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. It still has a nice sized screen in full color, and a 2MP camera on the back. You can also plug the phone into headphones and use the phone as an MP3 player, which is a nice feature. All in all, it is a solid phone. You can read more about it here.