Tablets Are Hot Sellers

Tablets have officially passed laptops and desktops as the #1 Apple Wireless Keyboardselling computer device in America. They are fast, easy to use, have great features, and are more affordable. People don’t want to spend $1000 on a fast laptop when they can spend half that or less to get a powerful tablet that lets them surf the net, watch videos, read magazines and books, and enjoy their music where ever they go. The downside is most tablets are not as expandable with storage space, limit productivity like video and photo editing, and cannot play the intense games of more powerful computers. However, they play micro games from app stores that entertain and cost a fraction, allow people to network with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and allow a lot of fun Pinterest. With the addition of cameras built in for Facetime or Skype, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. They are also easy to use with touch screens, making the market approachable for elderly or kids. If you are looking to get a little more productivity out of your tablet, consider an iPad mini keyboard. These will allow you to type faster, and get more out of your tablet, turning it’s weaknesses of not being a full laptop or notebook into smaller differences as you are able to write longer reports, and be more business productive. Tablets aren’t going anywhere, and new tablets, like the Microsoft Surface, are including the keyboard with the system. So, it would make sense to get one for your current iPad, or your Kindle Fire or other Android device.